Irena Golob 

Irena Golob 

Art of Life coaching

Empowering you to reach Your highest potential


CCE+ICF accredited CBT-MBCT-REBT Life Coach & Speaker | Mindfulness Leadership Expert | Child Resilience and impact Strategist | Mindfulness Al Tech Pioneer | Performance & Sustainable Success Architect

I bring 18 years of seasoned expertise to the forefront of life coaching, where my  accreditation in CBT, MBCT, and REBT intersects with my passion for mindfulness and youth empowerment.

My vocation is to instill resilience and shape the trailblazers of tomorrow.

In private consultations, group meditations, and life coaching, I’ve aided countless individuals and corporations in transcending their limitations, enhancing their energy levels, and embracing their full potential. As we stand on the brink of a societal shift, my practice evolves continuously, inspired by the wisdom of my mentors, the aspirations of my students, and the undulating rhythm of nature itself. Together, let’s unlock the boundless capacity for growth that awaits within you.

My international collaborations and interactions with healthcare professionals have enriched my mastery of meditation and coaching, securing my reputation in the field. Clients, ranging from individuals to enterprises, experience dedicated support in dismantling barriers that impede growth in vital life sectors. I offer strategic guidance to unearth and leverage their capabilities, ensuring personal and professional triumph. 

Services Offered:

  • One-on-One Life and Health Coaching
  • Group Meditation Sessions
  • Comprehensive Life Coaching
  • Personal Development Guidance
  • Daily Energy Level Enhancement Consultations
  • Mindfulness Leadership Training 
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Youth
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Strategic Success Planning Sessions


To whom it may concern. This is a professional reference for someone I admire very much, Irena Golob. In my humble opinion, Irena is such an outstanding and competent leader in her field that there is no doubt as to the power of her knowledge and expertise to transform lives. So much so that I turn to her to make sense of things when I find myself stagnating or busy chasing my tail. So often she has offered an alternate perspective or a subtle twist of the practice that is so effective and efficient that allows solutions previously unseen to be revealed like bright neon lights shining through thick fog. The ease with which she works is remarkable. It gives me hope that one day I may align and operate with such grace as she moves with. On many occasions, I have been left dumbfounded by her intuition so I can only think, “Duh!.” So simple! Congratulations on finding this body of work and this most caring and careful teacher.
Reed Taylor
Founder and CEO Method Yoga®
If you're reading this review it's likely because your inner guide has steered you to Irena. Lucky you!! I have worked with her for over 6 months and during this time so many tremendous things happened, that I feel like a whole new person. Irena helps make sense of the landmine that is my mind while in an extremely volatile and dimension-shifting point in my conscious, adult life. If you are ready to face your misery from a different perspective and start to create your life rather than be a victim to your self-limiting beliefs as well as release the pain that lives inside of you---st0p reading and contact Irena. Irena has experiential knowledge and an extra level of understanding, possibly sent down from another dimension to help guide us along the way.
Mina Bozzelli
CEO Bozzelli Frontier VT LLC
“Irena, well what can I say about this incredible human? I met Irena a few years ago whilst embarking on a spiritual journey. There isn’t much Irena hasn’t done for me and I don’t think I could articulate accurately the insight, knowledge, time and energy she gives. You really need to experience it for yourself! I have never come across someone as giving! Irena doesn’t judge but has compassion. She doesn’t tell, but she guides. It has been through her guidance and time that she has so willingly given that I have been able to master my mind, my thoughts and strip the onion layers from within. My life has truly changed since we crossed paths. We managed to do all of this from a computer screen on the other side of the world. A testament that with the right guidance and the right person in your corner, everything is possible. All you need is an open heart and an open mind and just know, your life will change forever.
Angela Pirrone
CEO Sanfillipo Consulting
For the past 30 years I have studied with wonderful teachers in many different countries to become in every way possible a better person for myself and for others. After 30 years of improvements I have met Irene and she made me realize that I had not completely understood the most important part of what I had learned. Listening to her teaching, with her very simple way of speaking has blown my mind away. She is incredibly intuitive and sees immediately where you are, what you are missing and how to help you. Being 55 years old now and still wanting to improve my potential I will never go back to another teacher than Irene. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you for letting me say a few words about Irene, a real blessing for me.
Antoine Meyer
Ashtanga yoga teacher and fashion Photographer
Irena was of great help to our QM program producing meditations & yoga programs, plus she added enormous value in assisting with mentoring our clients and coaches. She is a hugely gifted Master coach and her impact to assist others to live to their best was very well received. I would highly recommend Irena.
Richard Maloney
founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global
When I met Irena, I first noticed her beautiful calming energy. I then had the opportunity to work with her and I loved her wisdom and non-judgemental approach that helped me find clarity through times of confusion and doubt. She is truly a beautiful soul and one of a kind Coach I had the opportunity to work with. Her meditations sessions are also very powerful. Her voice, tone and choice of words make it easy to reach a deep state of meditation easily and effortlessly.
Nathalie Gevinti
CEO StellarMinds
When I first met Irena I immediately connected with her as her energy is calming, serene and ethereal. The work I have done with Irena's spiritual guidance, expert knowledge and powerful wisdom has been totally invaluable and priceless to say the least, as she has helped me release the anger, sorrow, sadness and other negative emotions that have been holding me back for decades, in particular in my relationships. Of all the self-help books I've read, coaches, gurus I've followed, Irena is "the One" who has really helped me make this life changing transformation, and I am certain that she is not of the 3D plane we call Earth, but that she really is a Unicorn from the 5th dimension - and if I am wrong, she will always be MY Unicorn . Thank you Irena, with all my love
Joanna Martorana
Founder & CEO The People's Coach Ltd , Engage & Grow Master Coach , Founder & MD House of Heever
"I just love Irena. She goes up and beyond what you require and is very helpful with suggestions. I will definitely call upon her in the near future. I trust her, which is the main attribute as well."
Damien Owens
Founder | OMS Facilities & Find Work
"Wonderful experience working with Irena. She's so talented, communicative, intuitive and quick to come up with ideas and solutions. Thank you Irena for your guidance!!”
Polly Mertens
Mindset coach and inspirational speaker Get Busy Thriving
"Irena was tremendous in helping me design a meditation programs. I really appreciated her partnership and just a treasure to work with!"
Jacob Morris
Founder Meditation at work
“Always passionate and very efficient. Her work has shown that she is very professional in meditation. I appreciate so much working with you Irene. Wonderful experience.”
Solvieg Bethke
Founder of BodyMindshape Club
Talking about the deepest doubts and fears without judgment, discussing one’s journey to ‘my’ mine of diamonds and stones, continuing the journey even when the mine collapses, closes, when you think there is no way out, is not at all easy. However, starting this journey to discover one’s own depths with Irena is an invaluable experience for me, for which I am immensely grateful.
Bernarda Razum
Primary school teacher
Irena entered my life as a life coach in early 2022, amidst a turbulent personal, professional and financial crisis. A series of tragic events brought me down to my knees. It seemed heavy and hopeless. I was stripped of my life as I knew it, all that remained was deep, debilitating fear, numbness and despair. Irena gently yet persistently guided me to discover courage and strength within myself. She pointed out fears and attachments that have been limiting me for decades. She helped me overcome anxiety and pain that kept me away from my true self. She taught me to look beyond the appearance of stress and complexity of my life, to not hide under the mask of victimhood and blame, but to bravely face it with courage, commitment and positive energy. Under her guidance, I experienced a powerful transformation that led me back to myself. It brought me clarity on what it meant to live fully and authentically. I am grateful for Irena's wisdom on how to navigate through inevitable changes of my life with grace and compassion. Thank you Irena!!
Sam P.
Los Angeles, CA
Irena emanates an amazing energy of pure bliss. Together we looked at my beliefs around death and through her guidance a greater surrender to infinity has opened up. Timelessness has revealed itself. Even though Irena uses methods that seems to be utilized by other coaches as well, don't be fooled by those surface level way of looking at it. It's not about the method but about the depth of being that she has achieved. She will be able to take you to places that very few people would be able to take you. Not because of a special method but because of who she is. I have been practicing over 10 000 hours of different forms of self inquiry under dozens of different and remarkable teachers. And Irena is one of the few who could take me deeper than I ever went before. It's not about the words she says but about the energy she emanates. If you can allow yourself to be touched by this your mind & heart will open up to bliss, love and the secrets of existence, like you probably never experienced before. Thank you for your precious way of being!
Julien W.
I'm very grateful to Irene, my namesake, for helping me become more self-aware. She lifted my energy when I felt hopeless and insecure, opened my eyes to new perspectives on life, and clarified them. This led me to embark on new adventures that were right for me. She made me realize it's okay to make mistakes and then start a "new" life, to trust my intuition more, and to listen to my inner needs. Her guidance has been invaluable in leading me on the best path for me. I highly recommend Irena as an excellent life coach who is always available and approaches people in need with ease and grace.
Irena M.
School teacher
I was fortunate enough to work with Irene for a few years and over that time would meet via video once per week. While at first my focus was on helping improve my business success it soon became clear that Irene’s work helps with much more than that. She helped guide me to find the root of my limitations that have been a major benefit in my personal life, relationships with others and also taking my business to where I’d like it to go. My business is multifaceted so being able to work confidently and calmly has been crucial in running it successfully which Irene has helped me with immensely. One of the many things I love is that Irene is non-judgmental and at the same time will be firm with asking tough and necessary questions. She is also one of the most enlightened individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I feel a lot of my ability to work through life’s challenges and my more confident approach to life is owed to the work done with Irene. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their lives in any aspect, it’s an investment in real happiness and a successful life.
Andy Kalleske
Owner - Atze's Corner Wines
Irena has been my dedicated life coach for the past three years, and her impact on my life has been nothing short of transformative. One standout quality is her unwavering availability. Irena has consistently been there for me, providing support whenever I needed it most. Meeting Irena in person was a game-changer. Her energy in person is even more amazing than I could have imagined. It adds an extra layer to our interactions, making our sessions not just insightful but also incredibly uplifting. This personal connection has been instrumental in the success of our coaching journey. What started as a professional relationship has blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Today, we not only work together, but we are also amazing friends. This unique dynamic has deepened the trust and understanding between us, creating an environment where personal growth feels not just achievable but enjoyable. I am immensely grateful for Irena's guidance, her consistent support, and the genuine connection we share. If you're searching for a life coach who goes above and beyond, offering not just expertise but a true and lasting connection, Irena Golob is the one for you.
Filip Puljizevic
Owner of Puljizević Consulting


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